Ajab Khan Afridi – excerpt from “And Then the Pathan Murders”

Ajab Khan – Amazing outlaw (Excerpt from “And then the Pathan murders” by Muhammad Ali) “Ajab Khan and his brother—Shahzada—sons of Sher Dil of Bosti Khel (sub-section of Afridi tribe) lived alongwith their mother in Jawaki a village in Tribal Area a few miles west of the Kohat-Peshawar Road. His father had died a few … Read more

Mollie Ellis and her Pashtun rescuers

Pashtun rescuers of Mollie Ellis Mollie Ellis (the young girl sitting in front) along with Pashtun men who played key role in negotiating her release from Ajab Khan Afridi (who had kidnapped her from Kohat). British government sought the services of following men (and a woman) for her recovery:  1- Kuli Khan Khattak (a Khan … Read more