Mollie Ellis and her Pashtun rescuers

Pashtun rescuers of Mollie Ellis Mollie Ellis (the young girl sitting in front) along with Pashtun men who played key role in negotiating her release from Ajab Khan Afridi (who had kidnapped her from Kohat). British government sought the services of following men (and a woman) for her recovery:  1- Kuli Khan Khattak (a Khan … Read more

Malik Wali Khan Kuki Khel (Afridi) of the Pashtunistan movement

Malik Wali Khan Kuki Khel and his lashkar fought in the Kashmir war (1947-1948). Later he played a very active role in the Pashtunistan movement. In December 1952 Malik Wali Khan Kuki Khel, Malik Said Ahmad Zakha Khel and Maulvi Ghairat Gul of Jamiat Ulema-e Islam called a jirga of the Afridis, at Mamanri to … Read more

Mir Dast Afridi

Mir Dast Afridi was born in Maiden, Tirah, on 3 December 1874, son of Mada Mir, an Afridi. Enlisting in 1/55th Coke’s Rifles, Frontier Force, in December 1894, he served at Tochi Valley on the north-west frontier of India during 1897-8, receiving the Indian General Service Medal and bar. Promoted Naik (sergeant) in 1901, Mir … Read more

Multan Khan Afridi (Zakha Khel)

Multan Khan Afridi, a Zakha Khel of Tirah, was a marauder, ‘Paladin’ and a hero of the anti-British locals of Peshawar valley. He was a tall and handsome Afridi, who had served as a Sepoy in the 26th Punjab regiment, and therefore was well versed in platoon level tactics, which he used with effect for … Read more

Pashtuns of Kashmir valley in 1895

According to “The Valley of Kashmir” By Walter R. Lawrence (written in 1895 AD), Pashtuns in Kashmir were more numerous than Mughals in the late 19th century Kashmir and were mostly found in Uttar Machipura (Kupwara district, Kashmir). The most interesting colony of Pashtuns was that of the Kuki Khel Afridis of Dranghaihama, who retained … Read more