Qambar Khel Afridis

“Khan Baz, A Kumbhur Khel Afreedi”

From “Men of different Afghan tribes: portraits by our special artist”, The Illustrated London News, April 19, 1879.


The Kambar Khels, along with the Malikdin Khels, descended from Mir Ahmad, grandson of Oala Khan. They are settled in the Maidan of Tirah, the Bara, and the Khajuri valleys. They hold two tracts in Tirah, separated from each other by the Malikdin Khels who occupy the central portion of Maidan. Their one division holds the Kao glen , in the western side of Maidan while the other occupies the Shalobar valley, in the north-eastern side of Maidan. The clan also possess one village in the Upper Bara valley, named, Ganamgarai. Its inhabitants, the Wattar Khels, though originally Shinwaris, are now included amongst the Kambar Khels. In winters they would move down in the Khajuri valley, near Chura and in the Kohat district near Kohat town. In the recent past they have expanded towards the Kurram valley side. Their share of the Khyber pass extends from Sultan Tara to Ali Masjid. They are divided into thirty nine smaller sections, however, those residing in Shalobar valley are called the Shalobar Kambar Khels while those in Kao as the Kao Kambar Khels (Book reference: “History of the Pathans, Vol.IV”, Haroon Rashid)


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