Darya Khan Daudzai

Darya Khan Daudzai was a horse trader from a village near Peshawar who later joined Mughal service and became a high ranking Mughal mansabdar. In 1630 he joined the rebellion of Khan Jahan Lodi for the restoration of Pashtun rule in India. Their efforts did not meet with success and they suffered defeats at the … Read more

The revolt of Shaikh Kamaluddin Daudzai and Khan Jahan Lodi against the Mughals

Khan Jahan Lodi (Pir Khan Lodi) was one of the foremost nobles during the reign of Emperor Jehangir. Under his patronage the Makhzan-i-Afghani or the Tarikh-i-Khan Jahan Lodi was compiled by Naimatullah Harvi. He was compelled to revolt against Emperor Shah Jahan in the second year of his reign. Darya Khan Daudzai, another prominent Pashtun … Read more

Diler Khan Daudzai; a general of Aurangzeb Alamgir

Diler Khan, whose proper name was Jalal Khan, had reputation of being one of the best and bravest generals of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. Bhimsen Saxena (a Hindu soldier who served under Aurangzeb) praise his military talents as follow:- “Dilir Khan Afghan, the holder of the punj-hazari rank, surpassed and excelled all the contemporary … Read more

Daudzai tribe

Daudzai are descended from Daud, son of Daulatyar, son of Ghoria, the progenitor of the Ghoria Khel. According to Makhzan-i-Afghani, Daud had three sons Mandakai, Mamur and Yousaf from whom originated three main sections of the tribe. While according to  Khulasat-ul-Ansab, Daud had four sons namely Mahmud alias Mamu, Yousaf, Amni and Mandak. The descendants of … Read more