Daudzai tribe

Daudzai are descended from Daud, son of Daulatyar, son of Ghoria, the progenitor of the Ghoria Khel. According to Makhzan-i-Afghani, Daud had three sons Mandakai, Mamur and Yousaf from whom originated three main sections of the tribe. While according to  Khulasat-ul-Ansab, Daud had four sons namely Mahmud alias Mamu, Yousaf, Amni and Mandak. The descendants of Yousaf, not being conspicuous and powerful, have merged with other sub-tribes.

Mandakai, the eldest son of Daud, had two wives. From the one he had his son Hussain and from the other he had two sons namely Neku and Babu. On some petty matter, they made up their mind to murder Hussain. The latter got wind of his brothers’s intention. One night, to murder Hussain, his brothers sneaked into his room. They found Hussain fast asleep, so made number of sword cuts on his body and went back satisfied that they had killed Hussain. To their horror, the next day they found Hussain hale and healthy. In fact Hussain had placed a dummy in his bed. Expecting revenge from Hussain, Neku departed for Hindustan, and Babu for another country ; and Hussain remained undisturbed in his possessions. [1]

The Ghoria Khel came from Kandahar, and settled for many generations in Ghazni, from which they removed to Kabul, and afterwards to Ningrahar and Peshawur in the reign of Kamran Mirza, son of Baber; they fought with the Dilazak, and gradually got possession of the country, which they still retain, the Chamkani excepted. The Daudzais occupy a triangular tract of country immediately north of Peshawar bounded west by the Mohmands, north-east by the Gigianis and south-west by the Khalils. This tract lies on both banks of the Kabul.


Mirza Kamran and his Afghan allies (Ghoria Khels) carrying out a reprisal raid on Humayun’s camp (1551). By Khem Karan. British Library


Tomb of Diler Khan Daudzai, Shahabad, Hardoi district, U.P. India


1- History of the Afghans: Translated from the Persian of Neamet Ullah, Vol-II, p-43



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