Shaikh Jamaluddin Kasi (a 16th century Pashtun saint)

Shaikh Jamaluddin Kasi was a 16th century Pashtun saint of Chishti order. He enjoyed considerable respect from his own Kasi tribe as well as other Pashtun tribes. In his early life he held a high post in the government under Sher Shah Sur (c.1486-1545). After the downfall of the Pashtuns in India and restoration of Mughals to the throne, Jalaluddin Kasi renounced the world and moved to Unnao (UP, India) where he joined the khanqah of Shah Mahmud Chishti. Later he went to the tomb of Shaikh Badrud-Din of Badaun (UP, India) where he constantly recited Quran and cared for the tomb. In short time he was surrounded by a large number of people. 

Shaikh Jalaluddin Kasi developed the habit of mediating and reciting the Quran until midnight at the tomb of Shaikh Badruddin some distance from the town. These nocturnal habits severely hampered local thieves who operated around this area. They murdered Shaikh Jalaluddin in 1604 AD.

Source: Biographical Encyclopedia of Sufis: South Asia By N. Hanif, p-175

Kansi tribe Pashtun


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