Shah Tahmasp’s advice to Humayun on Pashtuns and Rajputs

Tahmasp I (1514 – 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran of the Safavid dynasty. After getting defeated by Sher Shah Sur, Humayun sought refuge with Shah Tahmasp. Zakhirat-ul-Khawanin (Eng.trans, Vol-I, pp-103-104) records an interesting conversation that took place between Humayun and Shah Tahmasp: Shah Tahmasp: “Among Indian which class commands the obedience of big … Read more

Barmazid Kur

Barmazid Sur alias Kur (Kur means one eyed) was an early companion of Sher Shah Sur. Since he was known for violence and ruthlessness, Badoani calls him Dajjal (antichrist who is said to be one-eyed according to Muslim traditions) and Hajjaj (ruthless governor of Iraq during the times of Caliph Abdul Malik and his successor). … Read more

Praise of Sher Shah Suri by the author of Padmavat (1540 AD)

Malik Muhammad Jaisi was contemporary of Sher Shah Suri and began writing the epic poem ‘Padmavat’ in Awadhi language in 947 Hijri year, that is, about 1540 A.D when Sher Shah was ruling at Delhi. This epic poem deals with folklore about Alauddin Khilji and Rani Padmini but some pages of the work are dedicated … Read more

Justice of Sher Shah Sur

Sher Shah not only gave an impartial justice to all the people but also organized the whole system of justice on efficient lines. Sher Shah oftentimes remarked, ” Justice is the most excellent of religious virtues, and it has been acclaimed alike by the Islamic and infidel kings. None of the devotions and prayers can … Read more

Dattu Sarwani, a Pashtun soldier of early 16th century

Dattu Sarwani was a soldier in the service of Masnad-i-Ali Isa Khan Sarwani during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi. When the latter was defeated by Babur at the battlefield of Panipat in 1526, Dattu Sarwani accompanied his fellow clansmen to Bihar. In 1528 Dattu was part of the army led by Mahmud Khan Lodi … Read more

Shaikh Isa Mashwani, a Pashto poet of Sher Shah Suri’s period

The first Pashtun poet, the historicity of whose person and work, we cannot reasonably doubt, is Shaikh Isa Mashwani, though the quantity of his poetic effusion vouchsafed to the potency is very small. He was contemporary of the great Pashtun monarch, Sher Shah Sur, whose short reign (1540-45) is one of the golden periods of the … Read more

Ancestral village of Sher Shah Sur in Pakhtunkhwa

Sher Shah’s father name was Hasan and they belonged to the Shera Khel sept of the Sur tribe [1] which was located in the present-day Dera Ismail Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Sher Shah’s grandfather Ibrahim Khan was a horse-dealer in his native country. He migrated to India along with his son … Read more