Barmazid Kur

Barmazid Sur alias Kur (Kur means one eyed) was an early companion of Sher Shah Sur. Since he was known for violence and ruthlessness, Badoani calls him Dajjal (antichrist who is said to be one-eyed according to Muslim traditions) and Hajjaj (ruthless governor of Iraq during the times of Caliph Abdul Malik and his successor).
Naimatullah includes an interesting anecdote in his Tarikh-i-Khan-Jahani which sheds light on the life and temperament of Barmazid Kur. Knowing fully well his violent temper and ruthlessness, Sher Shah also entrusted him with certain duties that another man having a little consideration for human life could fail in performing to the utmost satisfaction of the master. For instance, Sher Shah called Barmazid Kur along with Masnad-i-Aala Khawas Khan and addressed them one by one. First Barmazid was told that when a person, accused of some crime, was entrusted to his custody, he was to put him to death even if he appeared to be innocent. He was not required to ask for royal permission; for the mere fact that a criminal, left to his charge was the sign of his days having been numbered. Thereupon Baramzid bowed down and accepted the work of butchery with all pleasure. Contrary to it, Khawas Khan was left free to treat the criminal, he pleased. He could either spare him or kill him as the nature of his crime demanded.

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