Dattu Sarwani, a Pashtun soldier of early 16th century

Dattu Sarwani was a soldier in the service of Masnad-i-Ali Isa Khan Sarwani during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi. When the latter was defeated by Babur at the battlefield of Panipat in 1526, Dattu Sarwani accompanied his fellow clansmen to Bihar. In 1528 Dattu was part of the army led by Mahmud Khan Lodi (brother of Ibrahim Lodi) which had intention of opposing Babur but it melted away without any engagement with the enemy. Later Dattu joined the cause of Babban Lodi and Bayazid Farmuli who were resisting Mughals. Dattu accompanied Babban Lodi to Gujarat and was part of the army of Sultan Bahadur of Gujarat which invested Chitor in 1535. In 1535-1536, Dattu joined Alauddin Khan Lodi (brother of Sikandar Lodi) who had sought refuge in the court of Sultan Bahadur of Gujarat. Alaudin Khan Lodi elevated him to a position of an officer and put him in charge of his pargana of Dholqa in Gujarat. Dattu deserted his post and returned to Bihar where his family had settled. 
Dattu Sarwani participated in Sher Shah Sur’s second victory over Humayun at Qanauj in May 1540 When Dattu’s old patron, Masnad-i-Ali Isa Khan Sarwani was put by Sher Shah in charge of the district of Sambhal, Dattu accompanied him and served him there.  (Ref: Lataif i Qadusi)



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