The brave death of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi

On 21 April 1526, Sultan Ibrahim Lodi died bravely on the field of Panipat. The Sultan displayed no quality of generalship but that of personal bravery; unable to win, he died as an Afghan was expected to die.

When Afghans were on the verge of defeat during the battle of Panipat, an officer Mahmud Khan came to Sultan Ibrahim and requested him to leave the battlefield and live to fight another day. But Sultan Ibrahim replied that it is a disgrace for kings to fly from the battlefield [Tarikh-i-Daudi]


He added, “Do you not see that the Kings raise the red tents? It is an emblem of sovereignty, and we have dyed it red with our blood. Where should we go? Having donned the red dress of honour, why should we make it yellow”. On saying this Sultan Ibrahim Lodi rushed into fight with 5000 bravest horsemen and killed many Mughals and obtained martyrdom towards the close of the day. [Tarikh-i-Shahi]



Mughals found all those 5,000 men in one place close to the body of Ibrahim Lodi. [Baburnama]



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