Hindu Shahi rulers of Kabul and Gandhara were Brahmans

The Arab geographer Al-Masudi (896-956) writes that from “Al-Qandahar” comes one of the five rivers which forms the Mihran (Indus river). The Al-Qandahar of Al-Masudi was most likely Gandhara region (Peshawar valley and surroundings), not the modern Kandahar (which is referred to as “Rukhaj” or “Rakhaj” الرخج by Masudi and other Arabs).

There is no mention of “Rajputs” or its Arabic version “Rajbuts” in the text of “Muruj al-Dhahab” of Al-Masudi. The text simply says that the country of Kandahar is also known as Rahbut (والقندهار يعرف ببلاد الرهبوط). The variant in some manuscripts is Rahyut (الرھیوط).

Hindu Shahi rulers of Kabul

Masudi says that the surname of the rulers of Al-Kandahar was “Hahaj” (ححج).

Alexander Cunningham speculates that Hahaj or Jahaj could be Janjuas of Potohar region. However, there is no solid evidence in support of it.

The clear and correct information about the background of Hindu Shahis is provided by Al-Beruni (950-1050). The latter informs us that Hindu Shahi rulers were Brahmans.

Rajatarangini, a much later unreliable source (written around 1200 AD), claims that Hindu Shahis were Kshatriyas.


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