Khwaja Khizr Khan Sarwani

Mausoleum of Khwaja Khizr Sarwani (Sonipat, Haryana, India)


Khwaja Khizr Khan Sarwani was a Pashtun of saintly reputation who was governor of Sonipat (Haryana state, India) during the during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526 AD). He is buried in Sonipat in a magnificent Mausoleum which was constructed during the reign of Sultan Ibahrim Lodi. According to a Persian inscription on the site, Khwaja Khizr Khan was the son of Darya Khan Sarwani. The latter himself was an influential noble in the court of Sikandar Lodi. Work commenced on the tomb in 1522 and was completed by 1524. It was built on the orders of Langar Khan Khizr who was most probably his relative. The inscriptions read as follow:

“The portico of the tomb of Khwaja Khizr Khan, son of Darya Khan Sarwani – may God have mercy upon both! – was erected on Monday, 15th Shawwal, 928, in the reign of Just and liberal King, who relies on the assistance of the Merciful, Abul Muzaffar Ibrahim Shah, son of Sikandar Shah, son of Bahlul, the King. May God continue his kingdom and reign! “
“With the help of God, who is blessed and exalted, and by his grace, the building of this tomb of the great and noble saint, Miyan Khwaja Khizr Khan, the deceased, the pardoned, son of Darya Khan, son of the Shaikh of Shaikhs Shaikh Ahmad, son of the king of Shaikhs Shaikh Manduki Darwesh Sarwani – may God have mercy upon them,  – muqta (governor) of the town of Sonipat, was completed in the time of the kings of kings, the confirmer of the laws of Islam and the faith, the shadow of the God in both worlds, who trusts to the aid of the Merciful, Abdul Muzaffar Ibrahim Shah, son of Sikandar Shah, son of Bahlul Shah, the King  – may God perpetuate his kingdom and rule – by order of Langar Khan Khizr, on the 15th Rajab – may the honour of this month increase, A.H. 930.”

Sarwani is an extinct tribe of Pashtuns who are said to be descendants of Sarwanaey, a son of Shah Hussain Ghori by his second wife Bibi Mahi who was daughter of a servant of Shaikh Batan. Descendants of Sarwanaey were brought up by Bibi Mato and are also grouped under the general name of Mati tribes.














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