The people of Panjshir and Andarab were tributary to Siah Posh Kafirs in medieval times

In 14th century the people of Panjshir and Andarab were raided and bullied by Siah Posh (black-clad) people of “Kafiristan” (present-day Nuristan). Siah-Posh “Kafirs” exacted annual tribute from the Muslims of these regions. Upon failure to pay the tribute, the Siah Poshan would slay the men, and enslave their women and children.

When Amir Timur arrived at Andarab, the chiefs of that country came and cast themselves at his feet, asking him to deliver them from the oppression of Siah-Posh Kafirs. This is reported by Zafarnama of Sharf al-Din Yazdi. 

The people of Panjshir (known as Panjhir پنجهیر in medieval times) were under the thumbs of Siah-Posh Kafirs even in the times of Mughal king Babur. The latter writes: ” Panjhir is another tuman ; it lies close to Kafiristan, along the Panjhir road, and is the thoroughfare of Kafir highway-men who also, being so near, take tax of it. They have gone through it, killing a mass of persons, and doing very evil deeds, since I came this last time and conquered Hindustan.”

History of panjshir
This drawing of a Siah Posh Kafir is from “The Illustrated London News”, published on September 26, 1874.
History of Tajiks
View of Panjshir valley

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