Sherani tribe of Pashtuns


Sherani tribesmen , 1868. From Watson and Kaye’s collection


Sheranis dwell in Kasi Ghar or Koh-i-Suleiman, considered to be the cradle of Afghan race. They have Zmari (Miana) land on their south, the Gomal Pass separate them from the Wazirs on the north, Zhob valley; from the land of Mando Khels on their west, and the Sulieman Khel Ghilzais inhabit the area on their north-west. Sheranaey, the progenitor of the Sheranis, was the eldest of the five sons of Sharkhabun by a Kakar wife.

From Makhzani-i-Afghani;

“When Sherani had reached the years of discretion and discernment, his mother resigned her life ; and his father married another woman, who bore him several sons. When, therefore, Sharkhbun intended to bestow the title of Malik upon Tarin, the eldest son of his second consort, Sheerani became exceedingly displeased with his father and brothers; and sent a request to Kakar, his maternal grandfather, to come and fetch him. Kaker, immediately upon the receipt of the message, repaired, with several of his sons and relations, to Sharkhbun, and said to him: ” Give Sheerani to us, to be brought up along with our sons.” With this, however, Sharkhbun refused to comply; until at length, when the demand was persisted in, and they remarked Sheerani himself to be desirous of going with his grandfather, Sharkhbun and his sons said: ” Let them take Sheerani with them; for of what importance can it be, if only Sheerani is absent?” Kaker accordingly conducted him to his house and bestowed a most careful education on him. On the other hand, the family and relations of Kaker said to him: ” All the pains you are taking on behalf of Sheerani will be lost; for, when grown up, he will rejoin his paternal tribe, and call himself a Sarbanni.” To which Sheerani replied: ” I have sworn by God, to call myself a Ghurghusti, as long as I live; and every descendant of mine, calling himself a Sarbanni, shall be liable to the divine wrath and the curse of the Prophet.” By these solemn assurances he pacified them and ranked himself with the Ghurghustians. (English translation by B.Dorn, Vol-II, p-41)


Sherani tribesmen, 1915. Photo by Ronald Sinclair. Via Farrukh Husain (silkroad.booksandphotos)


Sherani Pashtun, c.1910. From Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection.





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