Ataullah Khan Ozai‐Durrani conducting an experiment involving rice oil

Ataullah Khan Ozai‐Durrani (1897-1964) was an Afghan inventor and developer of a method with which rice can be cooked under a minute. General Foods Corporation bought the patent and marketed it under the name “Minute Rice.” This made Ozai-Durrani a millionare. He was born in Herat, Afghanistan in 1897 and had immigrated to the US in … Read more

Reputation of Ahmad Shah Durrani in early 19th century

Ahmad Shah Durrani In 1839, James Rattrey (British soldier and artist) visited the tomb of Ahmad Shah Durrani in Kandahar, drew a painting of it and described him as follows : “The sovereign who sleeps there, called by the Afghauns “the faultless King,” was the greatest monarch their country ever produced. The people of every … Read more