The real particulars of the so called ‘treaty of Kalat 1758’ between Mir Naseer Khan and Ahmad Shah Durrani

Treaty of Kalat 1758 with fake details No treaty on those terms in the following screenshot was signed between Mir Naseer Khan of Kalat and Ahmad Shah Durrani. The treaty with those particulars in the screenshot, is forgery by Baloch nationalists. An attempt has been made by them to pass off Kalat as a sovereign state, … Read more

Reputation of Ahmad Shah Durrani in early 19th century

Ahmad Shah Durrani In 1839, James Rattrey (British soldier and artist) visited the tomb of Ahmad Shah Durrani in Kandahar, drew a painting of it and described him as follows : “The sovereign who sleeps there, called by the Afghauns “the faultless King,” was the greatest monarch their country ever produced. The people of every … Read more

When Ahmad Shah Durrani wiped out a large army of Sikhs in 1762 | “Vadda Ghallughara”

The image of Ahmad Shah Durrani is largely shaped and dominated by 20th century Indian writings. Indian writers portrayed the Sikh misls as dauntless heroes and Ahmad Shah Abdali as a hideous villain. One of the historical events that they have distorted, is a battle referred to as “Vadda Ghallughara” by Sikhs. The Indian editors … Read more

Ahmad Shah Durrani’s embassy to Beijing, China (1762)

In late 1762 Ahmad Shah Durrani sent an embassy to Beijing with a letter addressed to the Chinese Qing emperor Qianlong. The Afghan envoy presented the gifts of four horses to the Chinese emperor which were painted by Giuseppe Castiglione, the official court painter. The text accompanying the paintings describes Afghans and Afghanistan as follow: … Read more