The 19th century rulers of Chitral were selling their own Chitrali subjects as slaves

Raja Khan Kabuli in 1840 writes that rulers of Kashkar (Chitral) have “their subjects under such subjection as to sell them like animals”. He further writes: “Slaves are cheaper at Kashkar than anywhere else, viz. 100 rupees each (a girl or a boy). 200 or 300 are yearly exported via Dardu and Badakhshan to Turkistan.” (JASB, Vol-14, p-816). 

H.G.Raverty in 1864 writes: “The females (of Chitral) are remarkable for their beauty, which is said to surpass that of the Siah-posh women, who are so much celebrated for their good looks. A great many people are yearly sold into slavery; and a boy or a girl can, generally, be purchased for one hundred rupees. The more comely of the females fetch high prices, varying from five hundred to one thousand rupees. Two or three hundred slaves are sent annually into Turkestan, by the Darwan Pass of Badakhshan, and constitute one of the chief exports from the country”. (JASB, Vol-XXXIII, p-133). 

From Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1908:- 

“The practice of selling Kho women, proverbial for their beauty, in Peshawar, Kabul, and Badakhshan, was formerly recognized as a legitimate source of revenue, and made Chitral a great resort of slave-dealers. Of recent years, however, the market for slaves has become circumscribed, and the system is now limited to the sale of girl children to supply the harems of Kabul, Badakhshan, and a few other territories.”



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