Return of a King – A critique of Dalrymple’s book

By Farrukh Husain Dalrymple commissions translations of Persian sources: Eight Persian sources have been translated and utilized by Dalrymple to varying degrees. Chief amongst these translated sources are the memoirs or Waqayat of Shah Shuja Ul Mulk. The Shuja memoirs were quoted by Kaye in his 1851 History of the war in Afghanistan. The Shuja … Read more

Afghan–Sikh Wars (1813-1837)

At the commencement of 19th century, the tremendous downfall of the Durrani empire was already going on and it had fallen into never ending series of civil wars. The wily Ranjeet Singh, who owed his rise to Zaman Shah Durrani, fully took advantage of the Durrani civil wars and he slowly and gradually encroached upon … Read more