Correcting Bharadwaj (aka True Indology) on the “temple gate” of Kandahar city

The famous Indian tweep Bharadwaj (aka True Indology) has shared a British map of Kandahar city dated to 1880, in which one of the four gates of the city is named “temple gate”. He assumes that it is temple of Shiva and states that it is “a testament to the durability and continuity of Hindu … Read more

Ancestral village of Bahlul Lodi in Pakhtunkhwa

According to Ain-i-Akbari, Malik Bahram, the grandfather of Sultan Bahlul Lodi, belonged to the region/town of Bilot (marked in the map). Abul Fazal, (the author of Ain-i-Akbari) had most likely acquired this info from Tarikh-i-Ibrahim Shahi, the official history of Lodis, which is no longer extant.   Bilot is located in Dera Ismail Khan district of … Read more