Ibrahim Khan Gardi (an Afghan mercenary in the service of Marathas)

A scene from an Indian tv series. Ibrahim Khan Gardi is portrayed as a ‘patriotic’ Indian Muslim with unwavering loyalty to Marathas and his ‘country’.  In reality, the mercenary was ready to join Ahmad Shah Abdali after he was captured. According to an eyewitness account (Kashiraj), when the captured Ibrahim Khan Gardi was presented before … Read more

Who were Pindaris ?

The origin of the Pindaris is shrouded in obscurity. They first come into notice as a class of unpaid auxiliaries attached to Maratha armies of the eighteenth century who lived by plunder and devastation of the enemy country. The name is Marathi and probably derives from two words, meaning “bundle of grass” and “who takes” … Read more

Ahmad Shah Abdali about Marathas in a letter to Raja Madho Singh

In a letter Ahmad Shah Abdali to in a letter written to Raja Madho Singh (the ruler of Jaipur), Ahmad Shah Durrani reveals very important information. He informs Madho Singh that on the day of the battle of Panipat, Marathas came out with 200,000 (two lakh) cavalry and foot besides artillery and a force of … Read more