Rashid Khan Ansari (grandson of Pir Roshan)

Rashid Khan Ansari (Allahdad Khan), a grandson of Bayazid Ansari (Pir Roshan), was one of the important noble of Jehangir and Shah Jahan. When Jalala, the Bayazid Ansari’s son, died in 1601 A.D, he was succeeded by his nephew Ahdad Khan, superseding the right to succession by his son Allahdad Khan. While Ahdad continued his … Read more

Niazi chiefs in the service of Mughals

Muhammad Khan Niazi was a most respected noble of Emperor Akbar’s court. He had joined the royal service around 1589 A.D, when Emperor Akbar was busy fighting the Afghan rebels in Bengal. He accompanied Shehbaz Khan Kambo in operations and performed feats of gallantry and leadership in various actions. Soon, he earned the favour of the imperial … Read more

Pashtun–Mughal War (1672–1677)

In 1672 some soldiers of Hussain Beg Khan, the Mughal faujdar of Kunar, insulted a Parachi women affiliated to Safi tribe, which infuriated the Safi tribe who killed the culprit Mughal soldiers. Hussain Beg Khan retaliated by attacking and plundering the Safi territory. This incident led to a great Pashtun revolt against Mughals. Mughal force … Read more