Mollie Ellis and her Pashtun rescuers

Pashtun rescuers of Mollie Ellis Mollie Ellis (the young girl sitting in front) along with Pashtun men who played key role in negotiating her release from Ajab Khan Afridi (who had kidnapped her from Kohat). British government sought the services of following men (and a woman) for her recovery:  1- Kuli Khan Khattak (a Khan … Read more

Origin of the Langah sultans of Multan; Pashtun or Sindhi?

From 1438 to 1526, Multan (much of Saraiki belt) functioned as completely independent kingdom. It was ruled by Langah tribe. The two nearest contemporary sources which throws some light on the origin of the Langah sultans of Multan, are Tarikh-i-Farishta written by Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah in 1612 AD, and Tarikh-i-Haqqi written by Abdul Haq … Read more

Jamrud fort of Mughals times

The existing Jamrud fort was built by Hari Singh Nalwa in December 1836 who had named it Fatehgarh. English explorer William Moorcraft who visited Jamrud in 1824 before the construction of the Sikh fort, noted ruins of a building there. He writes:   “The plain terminated at the foot of the Khyber range. It appeared to … Read more

Origin of the Tughlaq sultans of India; their connection to present-day Afghanistan

The Tughlaq Sultans who ruled India in 14th century, were from that part of Khurasan which is now western Afghanistan.  They belonged to the Qarauna/Negudari tribe of Mongols, spoke Mongolian, and were related to but distinct from Hazaras. Tughlaq was not the name of their tribe but the name of the founder of the dynasty … Read more

Tomb of Abdul Rashid known as Bajauri Baba in Peshawar

The mausoleum Abdul Rashid Bajauri Baba is located on the Kohat road and Said Hasan Pir road in Peshawar, near Government College of Technology. A certain Akhundzada (who is notorious for making stuff up) is claiming in his article that Abdul Rashid Bajauri was a Tajik. But actually, there is no evidence that he was a … Read more

What happened at Baramulla in October 1947?

Inayatullah, a native of Baramulla and eyewitness to the Pashtun invasion of Kashmir in 1947, was interviewed by Andrew Whitehead in 1997. 1-He dismissed the claim of 3,000 people being killed by raiders in Baramulla as false and revealed that few people (non-Muslims) were killed by them.  2- Baramulla was largely empty of people when … Read more

Rani of Jhansi Lakshmibai had Pashtun gunners and bodyguards in her service

The famous Rani of Jhansi, one of the leading figures of the Indian war of Independence of 1857, had Pashtuns gunners and her personal bodyguards were a thousand Pashtuns who died defending her to the last man in the final battle in which the Rani fell. (Ref: “Rani of Jhansi” by Jaiwant Paul, page 99 … Read more

Khushal Khan Khattak Shaheed, Gakhars and Marathas

A relatively unknown episode of the Panipat war (1758-1761) containing the account of Khushal Khan Khattak Shaheed (the one who got martyred) and the Gakhar vassals of Durrani empire when Punjab briefly became part of Maratha empire. In March 1758 Marathas, assisted by local Punjabis (Adina Beg and Sikhs) invaded Sirhind city of the Durrani … Read more