Pashtuns of Kashmir valley in 1895

According to “The Valley of Kashmir” By Walter R. Lawrence (written in 1895 AD), Pashtuns in Kashmir were more numerous than Mughals in the late 19th century Kashmir and were mostly found in Uttar Machipura (Kupwara district, Kashmir). The most interesting colony of Pashtuns was that of the Kuki Khel Afridis of Dranghaihama, who retained … Read more

Third Battle of Panipat (1761)

By Khan Barmazid Strength of the two armies Muhammad Jafar Shamlu , who was present at Panipat , is the most reliable and accurate source. He was in the camp of Shah Pasand Khan who formed the vanguard division of the army and Ahmad Shah’s paiks and harkaras (couriers and messengers) were under him . … Read more

Nehru in Waziristan (1946)

In 1946 Nehru visited NWFP. When Nehru arrived at Peshawar Airport, he was greeted by a large and hostile Muslim league demonstration. He had to be taken out through a back door. Nehru then visited Tribal areas.[1] The first town in tribal territory on Nehru’s itinerary was Miranshah, where he was to address a Jirga. … Read more

Ghulam Qadir Rohilla (1758-1789)

Ghulam Qadir Rohilla was son of Zabita Khan and the grandson of the renowned Rohilla Chieftain Najib-ud-Dawla. His mother’s name was Masooma Begum. He was 14 years old in 1772 when Maratha-Mughal forces captured the fort of Pathagarh.  After Najib had retired, his son Zabita Khan was the Regent in Delhi until Shah Alam’s return, … Read more

Haji Sahib of Turangzai

Haji Sahib of Turangzai (whose real name was Fazal Wahid) (b. 1858 d. December 14, 1937) was a Pashtun freedom fighter and social worker in the late 19th century and early 20th century.Haji Sahib, who defeated the British forces at Karapa, was a follower of Sheikhul Hind Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan, a prominent scholar of Darul … Read more

Afghan–Sikh Wars (1813-1837)

At the commencement of 19th century, the tremendous downfall of the Durrani empire was already going on and it had fallen into never ending series of civil wars. The wily Ranjeet Singh, who owed his rise to Zaman Shah Durrani, fully took advantage of the Durrani civil wars and he slowly and gradually encroached upon … Read more

Najib-ud-Daula, a brilliant Yousafzai

(Najib Khan Yousafzai was born about the year 1708 A.D in the village of Maneri in Swabi, about 25 kos from Peshawar. He belonged to the Umar Khel clan of the Sadozi, Utmanzi, Mandanrs) After the Mughals lost their grip over their empire and before British came on the scene, the only serious attempt to … Read more

Hindus of Bannu

The Hindus were much equally scattered throughout all parts of the district except the Waziri tracts, in which there were very few. Of the 30,000 in the district in 1877-78, fully two-thirds were engaged in trade, the rest gained a living as agriculturists in different villages. The majority had been Aroras (Kirars), the rest being … Read more

Historical reliability and authenticity of the details concerning the Battle of Saragarhi (1897)

In 1897 there was a great uprising of Pashtuns against the British occupiers in which an outpost called Saragarhi (in Orakzai district), manned by 21 Sikh soldiers of the British-Indian army, was attacked by a lashkar of local Pashtun freedom fighters. The latter bravely climbed the ascent despite of being fired upon from the top … Read more